Consumer Services

Global’s revolutionary new savings program was designed with the consumer in mind. It makes available the most modern and current account management products for the debt settlement industry today. With the introduction of the Dedicated Account, Global provides a convenient and safe savings account for all consumers, allowing you to easily save, disburse and track the money you intend to use for debt relief purposes. Although we are not affiliated with your debt settlement company, with your approval the funds in the Dedicated Account can be monitored by your Settlement Advisors, who in turn will alert you when a vendor offers you special conditions on your debt. Keep in mind that your Dedicated Account is an independent account owned and controlled by you, so you control all the payments and disbursements in the account.

Global understands the importance of safety when managing debt; for this reason, all Dedicated Accounts established through Global are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC).

Debt Settlement

Global Client Solutions (Global) is one the largest account management companies in the United States. Global has earned a reputation for supplying some of the highest quality products and best customer service in the industry. Consumers and companies alike have benefited greatly from Global's modern account management products. Global has developed and implemented its account management services specifically for the purpose of debt resolution, seeking to set the stage for consumer success in these activities.

In 2003 Global introduced its revolutionary Dedicated Account savings solution to the debt resolution industry, as it creates total separation between the consumer’s funds and the debt resolution companies. Global works with the consumer to help administrate payments in and disbursements out of their Dedicated Account and has no legal affiliation with any debt settlement company. Global enables consumers to accumulate and control their own funds within their Dedicated Account that is then used to disburse funds to the consumer’s creditors. Competing service models, such as trust and self-held accounts, either significantly limit a consumer’s control over the funds or do not effectively help consumers control their spending patterns. In addition, the Dedicated Account model creates transparency for a debt resolution company by providing view only access to the account balance to ensure that sufficient funds exist before attempting to execute a settlement.