How We Help Companies

Global Client Solutions (Global) is the largest provider of dedicated accounts to the debt settlement industry and has earned a reputation for supplying some of the highest quality products and best customer service in the industry. Consumers and companies alike have benefited greatly from Global’s modern account management products. Global has developed and implemented its account management services specifically for the purpose of debt resolution, seeking to set the stage for consumer success in these activities.

Focus on Technology – Integration with our processing platform is straight-forward. Global interfaces with all of the leading CRMs and offers a full API which provides maximum customization for your specific needs. Technological capabilities are continuously expanding and it is of the utmost importance to stay ahead of the curve. Global’s expertise rivals those of much larger companies.

Focus on Compliance – Depository banks are critical to the settlement process, and Global maintains relationships with some of the nation’s strongest banks. Such relationships dictate a company manage its business with the same policies and procedures governing financial institutions. Global’s annual audit process is extensive, and we continuously receive outstanding results from independent auditors